How to hire a marketing Consultant

19 Nov 2017

5 Questions to answer before your organisation hires a marketing Consultant

Many organisations reach times where their businesses stop growing, one of the first things they do is reach for external help. I have put together a list of 5 questions to ask yourself before you feel its time to reach out to a marketing consultant.

Is it time to re-evaluate your marketing campaign?

Discovering the most productive way to market your business is a difficult venture. It’s a process that can have major financial impacts on your bottom line. You need to consider whether your current campaigns are working – or working at maximum efficiency. If not, you may need a stronger strategy.

Perhaps it’s time to consider whether an external view could help strengthen your strategy or scale up your marketing campaign. A marketing consultant can help you define a long-term strategy, determine the most critical objectives, and develop the highest payoff steps to reach those goals.

Why is a marketing consultant valuable to your business?

If you’re considering scaling up your marketing efforts, relying on your current team may be costly and unproductive. Leveraging the marketing expertise of a consultant on these larger goals will save your company in human capital and resources, as marketing consultants will stay focused and will be accountable – their one task is to help your company reach your marketing goals. Outsourcing your marketing strategy to a consultant minimizes the likelihood of standard internal distractions and logistics, so the consultant can focus on ticking boxes and reaching benchmarks.

When should you hire a marketing consultant?

Determining when it’s in your company’s strategic interest to hire a marketing consulting is important. You need to decide how much expertise is required for your campaign. When it comes to designing and implementing a marketing campaign, your in-house team may be better equipped for smaller, short-term tasks and operations.

Marketing consultants are the better fit for strategic operations. Implementing a marketing strategy in the most effective way requires having a deep understanding of the industry, platforms, and tools. Marketing consultants draw their skill set from a broader business perspective, enabling them to think strategically about how to leverage marketing tools and trends to increase your top-line growth.

Are marketing consultants fit for your company? For your innovation?

Your expertise is your company. A marketing consultant’s expertise is, simply, marketing. Relying on existing employees to carry the marketing burden can reduce their productivity over time. A marketing consultant will allow your team to focus on roles they are best capable of filling, better contributing to the success of your company.

Your solution is innovative. And your innovation requires strategic marketing. Hiring an external consultant means you can still focus on your innovation, while the consultant can avoid getting lost in tunnel-vision working from the inside.

While a marketing consultant may not know as much about your company or your innovation as your team, this may be one of their biggest advantages.  They can express new ideas, ask challenging questions, and push you to think beyond your team’s current approach.

Why is a marketing consultant valuable to your bottom line?

Your staff understands your business goals best. However, hiring a mid-career marketer and subscribing to the most relevant marketing tools can cost your business $300K+ each year. A marketing consultant has access to the latest tools trends and offers a range of skills – from content marketing and web development to video creation and social media-marketing – at a fraction of the cost.

Further, hiring an in-house marketing expert to join your team may seem rational to expand your internal capacity, but it takes a new staff person on average 6.2 months to reach 100% productivity. Marketing consultants are experts in the field that jump in to get the job done from your first meeting, so they reach 100% productivity immediately.

Marketing consultants are truly the most cost-effective, productive, and strategically valuable option for scaling up your marketing campaign and increasing your top-line growth.

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