21 Nov 2017

5 Reasons Why Buyer Personas Are Essential to Building a Successful Business

Over the years a number of challenges have arisen in the world of marketing. Of these potential challenges, there is a singular reality that universally impacts all businesses, regardless of how large or small they may be – understanding their customer base. You can ask 5 people on the definition of ‘buyer personas’ and you may get 5 different answers. In essence, a buyer persona is a representation of who your customers are. This wide ranging viewpoint takes into account a number of characteristics, namely: what age group your customers fit into, their occupations, how they think, how and why they make their purchasing decisions. So, why are buyer personas essential for a building a successful sport and fitness business?

Firstly, formulating a buyer persona will help shape the marketing strategy of your business. Simply put, when there is a clear outline of the targeted customer, the business and their marketing team will have an exact vision of how to attract customers. That means products, advertisements, blog posts, services and marketing emails will be consistent in nature and perfectly suited to the wants and needs of the customer base.

Secondly, a buyer persona is an essential guide when it comes to enlightening the interactions on social media. There is no doubt that in the new age of social media reliance and modern marketing, businesses must be able to meander their way through the internet. A buyer persona just does that. It will ensure that businesses have a much better idea of how to address customers in a way that is relatable while maintaining a healthy distance from crossing the line of insensitivity. Thereby transforming the image of your brand into one that generates positivity and sense of ‘that business understands me.’

Thirdly, buyer personas ensure that your business is efficient with their funds by identifying when to deliver your message at the RIGHT place and at the RIGHT time. After you have figured out who your customers are, your business will only be as effective when the message is actually received. Meaning, the buyer personas will ensure your targeted base are receiving information in the context they want to receive it in, whether that would be via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. When you know where your customers are based, you know how to specifically target them. Solidifying the efficiency of your strategy.

Fourthly, buyer personas are a huge aid in actively enhancing your product development. This is because there is a clear reference point for how your product or service should look and operate. You do not need to invest a ton of money into a product in an attempt to make it ‘perfect’ when perfection is dependent on your customers needs. A product or service needs to be suited to the customer, that is how actual perfection is achieved.

Lastly, a buyer persona is of pivotal importance because it ensures a steady marketing path that is free from distraction and disruption. A universal rule in any context is the importance of unity and focus, that could be in politics and that also applies in marketing. A buyer persona helps maintain a singular vision rather than a marketing strategy that is aimless. This type of focus from a business will eliminate pointless debate about the direction of the business and establishes a positive tunnel vision on what the business needs to work on for customer satisfaction.

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