20 Feb 2018

How Your Brand Can Capitalize on LinkedIn Lead Gen Opportunities

Approximately 25% of adults on the internet use LinkedIn. If you aren’t taking full advantage of the sales opportunities it holds as the leading social network for professionals, you’re missing out on potentially dozens, or even hundreds, of new clients.

Why Size Isn’t Everything

If you only take into consideration that LinkedIn has over 500 million users, compared to the billions on Facebook, it can seem like LinkedIn is “small game” that shouldn’t be taking up much of your valuable time. The important difference, however, lies in the intentions of the people on Facebook versus those using LinkedIn.

Those on Facebook may come for a variety of reasons. The majority of them aren’t looking to do business, they’re online to share photos and stories with their family and friends. Facebook is a good place to market, but it’s not the only place to market.

If you want to narrow down your audience to those truly interested, you have to use a substantial number of tactics for filtering and targeting. With LinkedIn, you already have confidence going in knowing that everyone there is a professional looking to connect with other professionals. People on LinkedIn are also much more ready and willing to connect because the platform is devoted to professional users, versus Facebook where they may only want to spend their time doing personal things.

People are also wary to let you connect with a personal Facebook page because it’s just that: personal, with all of their personal images and photos of their friends and family.

In other words, if you’re going to be conducting business, LinkedIn should be your first choice. But, how can you leverage it for the best results?

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

  1. Warm Leads:

    Do you know someone you’re connected with on LinkedIn who you feel comfortable enough asking to introduce you to some of their connections? Perhaps this is a friend or a co-worker. Go through their connections and find five or six people who perfectly fit your ideal prospect. Message your friend with their names and a short introduction he can use to introduce you to them.

  2. Discuss:

    Participating in discussions is one of the foremost ways to get new leads using LinkedIn. Provide and share information freely to begin building yourself up as a helpful authority figure.

  3. Search:

    LinkedIn has one of the best search functions out of all social platforms. Use it to filter results down to company, job title, and even seniority level if you are a paid user.

  4. Find Interests:

    Find connections with common interests. You can join up to 50 groups, so maximize the opportunity by finding groups who share your interests for improved marketing opportunities.

  5. Compliment:

    Flatter the individuals and businesses you are reaching out to by complimenting their business. “I really like what you’re doing with __________.” This helps you express a specific interest in their company, and admiration for their efforts.

  6. Collect Leads:

    Using LinkedIn’s “Lead Collection” feature as an advertiser, you’re able to collect leads directly through a campaign. A person who clicks on your ad is taken to a page where they can request you to reach out to them. It’s a simple way to build a lead list.

  7. Look Back:

    Always keep an eye on “Who’s viewed you?” widget and look back at their profile. If they are looking at your profile, they are likely interested in what you have to offer. Use this tactic to reach out to them, but don’t point out that you know they viewed you.

  8. Ask Questions:

    Asking questions on LinkedIn is a great way to foster engagement with your connections. You’d be amazed how many people will start talking, and it’s also a great way to gain information. Ask general questions, share business trends, and even post a motivational quote or two every once in a while to remain active on the site.

  9. Integrate:

    If you’re active on Twitter, connecting your Twitter account with your LinkedIn account is a great opportunity to get content regularly published to your LinkedIn profile.

  10.  Publish:

    Speaking of content and being active, it’s important you participate in LinkedIn by regularly publishing content that places you as an authority in your niche. Share things related to your industry, services, and products that connections may find intriguing.

Follow the Above tips and you will see a dramatic increase in your Lead generation efforts. All the best with your Lead gen campaigns on Linkedin!