Pay-Per-Click advertising (also called “PPC”) is one of the simplest ways to target your customers online. But, it’s also super competitive, and that means you need the right strategy on your side.

There’s a secret to PPC advertising.

Through all of our experience, we have noted that PPC success basically boils down to three aspects: research, testing, and ongoing optimization.

Whenever we take on a new client, we are in the habit of starting our partnership with a thorough consultation that will allow us to learn more about your company and your objectives. With PPC, we take this research phase even further.

Following our consultation with you, we will delve much deeper into your niche and company so that we can begin painting a picture of your ideal customer. This process will build the foundation of your company’s PPC campaign, but it’s just the beginning.

After we have conducted extensive research into your field, we’ll get into the strategy behind your campaign. This is when we will pull out all our knowledge, lay it on the table, and custom-fit an approach to your company. In this stage, your ad will begin coming together–but it’s not ready be launched just yet.

Before your ad goes anywhere, we’ll run it by you. In fact, we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the entire process so that you can be confident we are on the right track.

With your approval, we’ll then begin testing different ads to figure out which one performs its best. Even with that step, though, we still aren’t quite done.

That’s because the secret to a successful PPC campaign is ongoing optimization. This phase will be constant for as long as your ads run. We will be monitoring the results in real-time and tweaking your ads as necessary while we review, split test, and revise until we have maximized the results you are getting from your ads.

We’re results-driven.

After your campaign has been completed, we will compile a comprehensive report showcasing every data point we gathered throughout the campaign. We’ll put this report together and present it to you so that you can see the exact results of your ad.

This takes the guesswork out of figuring out how much return you received on your investment, and it also allows us to better optimize your future ad sets once you’re ready to start a new campaign.

We’e results-driven, and we know you are too. That’s why we go the extra mile to be certain that you are able to visualize the tangible results of your ad campaign. You will get every data point we can acquire, including impressions, clicks, leads, and conversions.

We recognize that having this information is truly powerful, and it allows you to put more emphasis on what matters to your company. At the end of the day, what matters to us is that you’re satisfied with the service–and we’re sure you will be!

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