23 Nov 2017

Why Creating a Persona Based Content Strategy Will Sky Rocket Your Traffic

When looking upon the most successful businesses in the world, including those that are sports and fitness based, there is undoubtedly a singular distinctive quality they all have in common. That quality is that all these businesses as a collective are able to adequately reflect the unique quality of their brand. Brands such as these are not simply reliant on their content marketing, but what they do is offer a unique representation to the general public. This representation is often a perception that customers identify strongly with.

What can we learn from the aforementioned enterprises? It appears the real secret to their success and the reason they have loyal customer based relationships is their content strategy. This strategy heavily incorporates the idea of a buyer persona.

Generally speaking, there are three important stages that you must keep in mind when creating content to accommodate the journey of your customer base. Namely, the ideas of awareness, consideration and decision-making. Each of these individual stages sets a targeted foundation wherein you can create various forms of content. This narrative will manifest itself in the sport and fitness organisation’s content strategy being a lot more specified and targeted to the customer base you aim to attract.

buyers journey

In the words of Ardath Albee, the first stage of this customer journey, which is initiated in the form of ‘awareness,’ a disruption to the status quo is usually what gets the wheels turning. When we talk about awareness it is important to note that we are talking about a customer coming to the realisation that they have a problem that is bad enough to be weary of and openly articulate. The awareness stage usually begins with a simple customer Google search or even asking questions on a forum. Your organisation;s goal should be to ensure your solution addresses the problem in the same manner that the customer is thinking about it. When developing a buyer persona for this stage good questions could be: When did you notice the problem? Was there a time it wasn’t an issue? Can you describe the issue you were dealing with before using the product/service?

The next stage in developing the buyer persona is consideration, where a customer evaluates different ways the solve the issues they are having. The best content for the consideration stage is content that will simply be about your company and how its solutions can help the customer. This may come in various forms. Such as solutions guides (giving a run-down on your specific solutions), comparison matrices because customers care about the offerings of your competitors, webinars, videos outlining solutions and even brand-specific guides that place emphasis on your actual brand within the manual of what you can provide.

The final stage in a customer’s journey is the decision. Put simply, it the stage where a customer selects a specified solution to suit their needs. This is where it is of paramount importance for your organisation to get brand-specific with the content. While a customer has all but decided on their eventual decision, there still remains a period where they will make comparisons between a list of vendors or products before pulling the trigger. For this reason, your organisation has to stand out from the crowd and be the solution that the customer seeks.

Thank you for your attention!