Businesses are Failing on Social Media

09 Nov 2017

Why So many Businesses are Failing on Social Media

A trend I am seeing over and over again is organisations are employing people who are social media savvy and call themselves “Social Media Marketers”. You dig deep into their campaigns they have no strategy, they are literally creating content and spending HUGE Ad dollars promoting it. Then they wonder why they aren’t seeing a return on their investment and why their engagement levels are nowhere near where they should be.

A couple of months back I was consulting for a firm who had close to 400k Facebook followers. 10,000 of their followers were from the country which they conduct business in and the rest were from other countries that they did not provide services to. I asked the “social media marketer” why is this the case? His response threw me back, he responded saying “ we needed to increase our numbers so people can look at our profile and see we have a huge audience, that way they will follow us”. Insane! My next question was ok how do you engage this audience with your organisation? “He said I just post content”. My response was where is this content leading the consumer to? Where is this consumer in the buyers Journey? How do you know what content to create and target it at who? What determines a successful campaign and what doesn’t? He couldn’t answer any of my questions. I was really saddened at how much money this organisation was throwing away.

Ladies and gentlemen please I beg you don’t give your most valuable assets to just anyone. It’s not just social media! It’s companies brand and reputation on the line! Make sure they are competent enough to run a social strategy, make sure they know what a social strategy is and are able to implement it. Go as far as employing a social media consultant to help you employ a good social media marketer, it is definitely money well spent and will definitely better your organisation moving forward.

You employing an incompetent social media marketer can ruin your company’s reputation and brand overnight. After spending years building your company you can throw it all away with a silly decision that can be avoided. Not everyone who knows how to post on Facebook and promote a post is a social media marketer. Social media marketers should be able to build a campaign from the ground up. Determine your buyer persona, build the three stages of the buyers journey into your content strategy; awareness, consideration and decision making and the many more steps involved. It’s important that buyer personas and the buyers journey are incorporated in every single step of your campaign, otherwise you are just spending dollars and wishing for the best.

All campaigns must be Targeted, Optimised, Tested and Evaluated. These results will highlight to you what you need to do next and whether what your doing is working for you or not.

Please hire carefully and involve Consultants if need be, it’s a very grey area and not as simple as what people think it is!

Thank you for your attention!

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