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Hi! I’m Ahmad Elhawli.

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of people that ‘jump off an aeroplane and work out the path to safety as they fall.’ They put it all on the line, in order to pursue a dream only they can see as fruitful.
I also chose to tread this path, and what a journey it’s been. Both exhilarating and exhausting. It’s a life-long journey so it ain’t over yet, but while I’m at it I thought I could give all you hardworking entrepreneurs an edge by giving you an insight into my business experience.

As Co-founder of Ringside Boxing Australia “The Best in Boxing” & Sportsfinda “The World’s First Digital Sports Directory” I had my fair share of struggles in reaching my business goals. That’s why more than ever, it pains me to see people struggle and strive for something only to give it up when they’re inches from success. Working with small businesses is my passion and helping them grow is what I live for.

My aim is to form a business kinship. As a start-up community, we need to help one another so that collectively we can achieve great things and reach new heights. Discussing anything business, entrepreneurship and digital fills me with joy and excitement. In other words, don’t be shy to have a chat!

Thanks for stopping by!!!