14 Sep 2017

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Key Stats and Tips [Infographic]

As anyone working in eCommerce would know, shopping cart abandonment rates are very high, averaging at around 75%, according to estimates. And those abandon rates are significant – one study estimated that shopping cart abandonment was worth more than $4 trillion in lost sales last year.

While you’re never going to get anywhere near 100% completion on all shopping process on your site, that’s still a huge amount – anything you can do to reduce this is likely worth investigating.

So what can you do? 

This new infographic from Fullestop looks at global shopping cart abandonment stats, and some of the key lessons you can take from why people drop out of the purchase process.

Also worth noting – as reported by Marketing Land, Amazon’s ‘1-Click’ shopping patent ends this week, meaning a heap more sites could be looking to implement similar solutions, which could also see abandon rates drop.  

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Key Stats and Tips [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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